How to buy?

First you can visit our website to understand the goods. To see your satisfaction with the goods you can directly on our website to add to the shopping cart, and then you can order.

Give me a reason to purchase from you?

We only provide from the original factory or agents to purchase channels, to ensure genuine original.

We have a real price. All prices are on the website page is truthfully open, not bargain. The selling price is automatically calculated with the purchase price change system, and the price is more transparent and reasonable.

We have a massive spot. Huge amounts of money to establish a nearly 9,000 square meters warehouse, a total of more than 1,250,000 kinds of components.

We provide ordering and purchasing services. Insufficient stock, we provide ordering services. Such as my mall no goods, we provide purchasing services.

We support retail. Solve the problem of sample procurement, a money from the sale, to provide you with one-stop procurement services.

I am are very interested of your goods, and added purchased a lot, but how some have been out of stock? Will not able to set?

As the site customers to buy a larger amount of goods at any time may be out of stock, you can choose the goods you need, my mall to provide purchasing and purchasing services.

Order service, refers to my mall on the product records, but the lack of inventory, Rising Mall to provide ordering services, please click on the "order service".

Shopping service, is my mall no record of the goods, Rising Mall to provide purchasing services, please click on the "Shopping Service".

All products be purchased on the site?

A: The current site to find all the goods can be purchased, if it is the spot, we can deliver the basic day. If there is no stock, we can help order. If you need the goods but we have no enought, we can help purchasing.

Why should be a member?

Only registered users can order online, enjoy the preferential price.

Only registered users can log in "member center", use more members of the shopping function, manage their own information.

Only registered users are likely to get our gifts or cash coupons.

What can i to do if forgot my password?

When you forget your password, please log in to the registration page, click "Forgot Password", the system will automatically tell you by email, you can log in "Member Center" to change the password to ensure your interests.