Power Supplies with Conformal Coated PCBs


Power Supplies with Conformal Coated PCBs

High reliability in harsh environments

Image of PULS' Power Supplies with Conformal Coated PCBsAll PULS DIN rail power supplies feature robust electrical and mechanical designs. This robustness enables PULS products to achieve the highest energy efficiency and reliability ratings as well as very long service lifetimes, even under tough conditions. Nevertheless, extremely harsh environmental conditions like high humidity, condensation, high concentration of conductive particles, corrosive gases, heavy vibration, etc. may require additional considerations.

The use of power supplies with conformal coated PCBs is recommended to provide greater system reliability in challenging environments. PCBs with protective coating can prevent false traces that are caused by contamination. The risk of corrosion of PCB paths, electronic components, and/or soldered joints will also be greatly reduced.

The PULS product portfolio includes conformal coated versions for 50 W to 480 W power requirements with single phase and 3-phase input voltages. 


  • Waste water treatment - corrosive gases and high humidity

  • Mining equipment - high contamination and vibration

  • Pulp and paper industry - high dust and electrostatic discharge pollution

  • Railway and construction equipment - rapid temperature changes and heavy vibration

  • Tire production - high contamination and high humidity

  • Outdoor applications - rapid temperature changes and high humidity

  • Ventilated control enclosures - high contamination and high humidity