Send inquiry to us.

Inquiry service means that the goods you need are in stock in our mall, but the quantity is less than the number of your needs, then we provide the order service for this item.

If you need the goods, in our Mall did not find the product records, then please send email for purchasing services.

Inquiry process

Request Quotation->Response by email-> Get final price->Inform PI by email-> Confirm order by yourself (Or cancel order)-> Arrangement shipment-> Order process finish

Order process details:

1、Select products you need. when your needs quanitty more than our inventory, then system will be show the Get quote service.

2、Find part numebr you need but cannot order,please contact with our service to get fast reply.
3、Our service will shortly reponse with you needs, confirm lead time and cost price.
4、according purchase cost, stock or not, your order quantity, our system will send you final price. but also will be change, Because it is entirely based on the actual market price changes to calculate the price, our price mechanism more timely and more transparent.

5、Confirm the final price then we will send you commercial invoice by email, and inform lead time, delivery date. 
6、You can choise continue order or cancel.
7、Order in process then we will arrange shipment within 1-2 days.
8、Shipment on the way, will send you track number.